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From Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs, inventors have enhanced and improved our lives immeasurably. The inspiring book The Art of Invention by Steven J. Paley explores the psyche of these innovative individuals and summarizes what sets them apart from the rest of us.

Paley also outlines the three characteristics that define a great invention- simplicity, elegance, and robustness. Great creations typically have a simplistic way of solving a real world problem. Often these solutions are right in front of us, but it takes an imaginative individual to bring the answer to light. The lowly paperclip comes to Paley’s mind as a case in point.

The process of invention includes devising an idea for the “next big thing,” designing the product, conceptualizing a marketing plan, and selecting a production mechanism. Many times creative individuals have the great idea but aren’t sure how to proceed.

Paley offers guidance and shares examples on how to take your idea and turn it into a reality.
Will you be responsible for inventing the Next Big Thing?

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