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Selfie Stick was Born in the 80s


You might think that the “selfie stick” was invented a few years ago, but it turns out the original was designed over 30 years ago. Like so many inventors, Hiroshi Ueda from Japan, created a product to solve a problem.

While on vacation in Paris, he asked a youth to take a picture of his family at a famous monument, and the youth ran off with his camera instead. Ueda thought it would be great if he had a device he could attach to his camera to take his own pictures. [Read More...]

Get your product to market in Six Steps!

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While coming up with a great product idea may seem like the hardest part, often times it’s getting that invention to the shelves that requires the most work.

Tamara Monosoff, author of Your Million Dollar Dream: Regain Control & Be Your Own Boss, has made a career out of offering advice to individuals striving to launch a successful business. While she emphasizes there’s no one process that ultimately results in success, she believes understanding how to sell the product is critical to the overall process. [Read More...]


From Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs, inventors have enhanced and improved our lives immeasurably. The inspiring book The Art of Invention by Steven J. Paley explores the psyche of these innovative individuals and summarizes what sets them apart from the rest of us.

Paley also outlines the three characteristics that define a great invention- simplicity, elegance, and robustness. Great creations typically have a simplistic way of solving a real world problem. Often these solutions are right in front of us, but it takes an imaginative individual to bring the answer to light. [Read More...]