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Precision Rapid Prototyping and Production for
Plastics, Urethanes and Metals

Precision Rapid Prototyping and Production for Plastics, Urethanes and Metals

Precision Rapid Prototyping 
and Production for Plastics, 
Urethanes and Metals

Die Cast Metal

Die casting is a popular manufacturing practice for casting metal products. When molten metal is forced into mold cavities at high pressure, it is known as die casting. It is best suited for the speedy production of bulk metallic parts that require minimal post-production machining.

The main benefits of die casting include quick production, versatile design, and simple assembly.

APM produces die-cast parts in aluminum, magnesium, zinc, and copper.

At Advanced Prototype Molding, we specialize in molding, casting, and prototyping. Die casting is one of our most popular services because the process is versatile, easily scalable, and incredibly effective. The casting technique is usually used to manufacture metal parts that can be applied across a broad range of industries.

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What Is Die Casting?

The process involves first injecting molten metal into a die. After a brief waiting period, the metal cools and hardens into the shape of the die’s inner dimensions. Die casting can be used to manufacture intricate designs or simple parts and is cost-effective for operations large and small. It can also create smooth or textured surfaces, a variety of shapes and dimensions, and tight tolerances.

Advantages of Die Casting

Die casting is a popular method of parts manufacturing because it’s simple yet effective. Here are just a few of the many benefits you’ll experience with die casting:

High-Speed Production

Die casting is the fastest way to get from raw material to completed part. It allows manufacturers to complete thousands of parts without needing to change the tooling.

High Thermal Conductivity

Die cast metal materials are heated to high temperatures during the manufacturing process, which means they’ll hold up against high temperatures again if they’re exposed to heat sources during use. They are also resistant to corrosion, which means they’re less likely than other materials to require costly repairs and replacements. These qualities make die casting ideal for the automotive and aeronautic industries.

High Electrical Conductivity

The metals that are used when die casting are excellent electricity conductors. This is why die casting is commonly used to produce parts in the energy industry, including electrical housing and connectors.

Dimensional Accuracy and Stability

When molten metal is injected into a die, it retains the same shape and internal dimensions. The finished product will completely fill the mold, so every part will be accurate and consistent.

Strength and Weight

Because die-cast parts are manufactured without welding, the material and not its construction determines the part’s strength. Metal die-cast parts are also stronger than plastic injections, which mean they usually last longer.

Multiple Finishing Techniques

Parts made using a die cast are easy to plate and can be finished with a textured or smooth exterior.

Simplified Assembly

If a part needs to be assembled with another part, the user can attach studs or drill a hole to fasten the pieces together.

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Die Casting Material Selection

Every die casting project requires the right materials. The following guide describes how a few common casting metals are used:

Aluminum Alloy

This light metal can withstand higher temperatures than any other material used in die casting. It also protects against corrosion. Aluminum alloy is commonly used for computer circuit networking, electrical wiring, and vehicle parts.


Lightweight, strong, and rigid, magnesium is an excellent material for die casting medical equipment, EMI/RFI shielding, and industrial parts.


Zinc offers high conductivity, which is why it is used for electrical housing components and medical devices. It’s also ideal for creating complex designs that still hold their structural integrity.

Die Casting Services at Advanced Prototype Molding

Advanced Prototype Molding offers Die Casting and a variety of other mold making & production services all under one roof. Contact us today for more information regarding how we can be of service!

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If you’re looking for a high-value molding process for manufacturing an exceptionally strong, durable, and stable metal component, die casting could be the solution. To discuss your needs with a dedicated and knowledgeable team, contact Advanced Prototype Molding today or request a quote. For over 40 years, we’ve led the industry with cutting-edge engineering, design, and manufacturing services. We serve clients across a number of industries and strive to deliver projects ahead of schedule and under budget.

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