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Selfie Stick was Born in the 80s


You might think that the “selfie stick” was invented a few years ago, but it turns out the original was designed over 30 years ago. Like so many inventors, Hiroshi Ueda from Japan, created a product to solve a problem.

While on vacation in Paris, he asked a youth to take a picture of his family at a famous monument, and the youth ran off with his camera instead. Ueda thought it would be great if he had a device he could attach to his camera to take his own pictures. [Read More...]

Lawmakers hope to fund Manufacturing Universities

11071454_884044665001667_5060816479947267035_nA bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced legislation that would provide federal funding to enhance education in the manufacturing space. The Manufacturing Universities Act of 2015 would create a program within the U.S. Commerce Department to select 25 “Manufacturing Universities.” Designated schools would receive $5 million per year for four years to meet specific goals related to engineering programs, building new partnerships with manufacturing firms, job training, and manufacturing entrepreneurship.

“As a small business owner who worked in manufacturing for over 35 years, I understand the difficulty in training and finding qualified manufacturing workers,” stated Rep. [Read More...]

Mac makes travel plans to America

MacAmidst a swarm of unfavorable publicity surrounding their manufacturing practices, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook announces plans to invest nearly $100 million to move a portion of Mac computer production back to the United States. Apple shifted a majority of its production to Asia beginning in the 1990s due to the cheap labor costs and the scale of operations available in factories. Scrutiny reached a fever pitch for this practice once working conditions in a contracted manufacturing plant were revealed.

It remains unclear which US manufacturers will be utilized for fabrication, and which processes will be performed on US soil. [Read More...]