Can you imagine life before plastics?


It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been using plastics regularly for roughly 50 years. Marketed as “the material of the future,” plastics have become pervasive in our lives by adding convenience.

A new exhibit entitled “Plastics Unwrapped,” at the Burke Museum located on the University of Washington campus, explores the impact plastics have had on our lives and the world. Included in the tour are a life before plastics view, engineering and medical achievements, environmental impacts, and insight into global consumption.

The exhibit offers a thought provoking historical context to the evolution of plastics. It reminds us of the perils of our waste, and leaves us with a hopeful notion that our plastic-recycling possibilities are limitless.

Check out Michael Upchurch’s review in the Seattle Times.


Did you know that every year, Americans throw away enough paper and plastic cups, forks, and spoons to circle the equator 300 times?

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