Manufacturing Renaissance

NAM 1The National Association of Manufacturers developed a 4 point plan designed to spur economic development in the manufacturing industry within the United States. The ultimate objectives are to increase production and add more jobs to the sector in the coming years. NAM hopes to gain support for their policy recommendations which they believe will be a catalyst for additional growth. If the United States hopes to remain the world’s manufacturing leader, it needs be competitive in the global market. NAM has outlined four goals to fulfill these ambitions.

Goal 1: The United States will be the best place in the world to manufacture and attract direct foreign investment.

Goal 2: The United States will expand access to global markets to enable manufacturers to reach 95% of consumers who live outside our borders.

Goal 3: Manufacturers in the US will have the workforce the 21st century economy requires.

Goal 4: Manufacturers in the US will be the world’s leading innovators.

NAM believes expanding global reach, increasing the skill set of the workforce, and awarding innovation will organically stimulate economic growth.

What policy recommendations do you have for expanding manufacturing in the United States?

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